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Welcome to Bosco Soft Technologies, your premier partner in IT innovation. We specialize in delivering top-tier solutions, managed by a seasoned team of technocrats. Our mission is to actualize your corporate and service visions, offering tailored products and services for diverse sectors.

Our expertise shines in developing comprehensive ERP solutions for schools, colleges, hospitals, churches, corporates, and industries. Renowned for innovation, steadfast support, and stakeholder commitment, we guarantee optimal outcomes.

At Boscosoft, we're dedicated to driving technological excellence, empowering businesses and organizations. Explore our offerings and join us on the path to enhanced efficiency, competitiveness, and success.


BoscoSoft excels in delivering transformative technology courses, upskilling engineering and IT graduates for industry employability. TECHTALK, an intensive program, targets IT enthusiasts with degrees in Computer Science, Computer Applications, Computer Engineering or other related disciplines. With 25 years of experience, BICS InfoTech’s Technology Resource Centre ensures participants acquire necessary skills and exposure, transforming them into industry-ready experts. TECHTALK guarantees not just education, but a clear employment pathway, facilitating personal and professional growth. Join BoscoSoft for a definitive leap towards a successful IT career.

Specialized Engineering Courses