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AI for Professionals


AI for Professionals

Course Overview

This course is for professionals, managers, and team leads looking to harness the power of AI in the corporate world. Participants will gain a competitive edge by understanding AI’s applications, enhancing their decision-making with data-driven insights, and increasing efficiency through automation of routine tasks. The course also emphasizes the importance of ethical AI implementations, ensuring participants are well-versed in unbiased and responsible AI practices.

Why Choose this Course?

  • Stay Ahead: In an evolving corporate landscape, AI is becoming a pivotal tool. Understanding its applications can give professionals a competitive edge.
  • Enhance Decision-Making: AI provides data-driven insights, allowing for more informed and strategic decisions.
  • Efficiency & Automation: Discover how AI can automate routine tasks, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Ethical Considerations: Grasp the importance of unbiased and ethical AI implementations in the corporate world.

Course Highlights

  • Foundational AI Knowledge: Grasp the basics of AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.
  • Role-Specific Applications: Discover AI's potential in recruitment, project management, team performance analysis, and communication.
  • Hands-on Experience: Dive into interactive sessions that allow participants to use AI tools, ensuring practical knowledge transfer.
  • Ethical Implications: Understand the importance of fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI applications.

Who Can Attend this Course

  • Professionals
  • Managers
  • Team Leads in corporate settings.

Course Detail

  • AI Basics: Understand what AI is and isn’t, its history, and its modern applications.
  • AI in professionals: Dive into AI's impact on recruitment, employee engagement, training, and retention.
  • 3AI for Decision Makers: Explore how managers and team leads can leverage AI for better decision-making, project outcomes, and team performance.
  • Hands-on Workshops: Experience AI tools firsthand, from chatbots to predictive analytics platforms.
  • AI Ethics & Bias: Delve into the challenges and responsibilities of implementing AI ethically in corporate settings.
    Day 1 : Introduction to AI and Infusing Excel with AI
      Welcoming and Introduction
      • An overview of the three-day workshop and its significance.
      • AI Foundations and its Relevance to Corporate
        • Understanding what AI is and how it's changing the corporate landscape.
          • AI-Infused Excel for Managers
          • Theory: Discovering the potential of AI in Excel for enhanced data analysis.
          • Hands-on Activity for Managers: Dive into AI-enhanced Excel features, deriving actionable insights from a dataset.
            • AI Foundations and its Relevance to Corporate
              • Exploring AI tools that can optimize virtual interactions.
                • Hands-on Session: Experience an AI-driven online meeting with transcription and real-time translations.
                  • Q&A and Reflection on Day 1
                    • Addressing queries and summing up the day's insights.
                      • Day 2 : Analytics, Code Interpretation, & AI-Powered Documentation
                          Introduction to Analytics with AI
                          • How AI is reshaping analytics and its implications for managers and team leads.
                            • Deep Dive : AI in Analytics with Code Interpreter for Team Leads
                              • Hands-on Activity for Team Leads: Experience an AI-driven online meeting with transcription and real-time translations.
                                • Elevating Presentations with AI for All
                                    • Introduction to AI tools and techniques for crafting compelling presentations.
                                    • Hands-on Activity: Collaboratively design a presentation using AI-driven insights.
                                      • Day 2 Reflection and Q&A
                                          • Summarizing learnings and addressing questions.
                                            • Day 3 : AI in professionals, Ethical Implications, & Future of Corporate AI
                                                AI in professionals: A Game-Changer for Recruitment to Retention
                                              • Delving into AI's transformative impact on professionals processes.
                                              • Hands-on Session for Professionals: Experience AI in recruitment simulations, employee engagement tools, and predictive analytics.
                                                • Ethical Implications & Fairness in AI
                                                    • Understanding biases, fairness, and transparency in AI applications.
                                                    • Discussion: Real-world examples where ethics and AI intersect in the corporate world.
                                                      • Collaborative Workshop: The Future of Corporate AI
                                                        • Group Activity for All: Brainstorm and propose novel AI solutions for potential corporate challenges.
                                                          • Concluding Remarks, Q&A, and Feedback
                                                              • Wrapping up the workshop, collecting feedback, and discussing potential next steps for participants.
                                                              • Course Schedule
                                                                  Contact Hours (Friday to Sunday, once in a month) : 20 Hrs
                                                                  Online Access and Project Work : 40 Hrs

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