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AI for Religious


AI for Religious

Course Overview

Dive into our transformative program, designed to blend artificial intelligence (AI) with religious practices, enhancing your digital skills and ethical understanding of AI in religious contexts. Gain foundational AI knowledge, master AI-enhanced office tools, and develop multimedia production skills for various religious and community engagements. Emphasize responsible and ethical AI usage in religious practices and administration, ensuring a balanced and thoughtful integration of technology and faith.

Why Choose this Course?

  • Familiarize with Basic AI Concepts: To provide a foundational understanding of artificial intelligence, its applications, and ethical considerations specific to religious contexts.
  • Enhance Digital Skills in Office Tools: To improve proficiency in utilizing AI-powered tools for word processing, spreadsheet manipulation, and creating presentations.
  • Develop Multimedia Production Skills: To enable the creation of engaging video content and explore Generative AI (GenAI) for various religious and community engagements.
  • Foster Ethical AI Usage: To cultivate a critical understanding of AI, promoting responsible and ethical use in religious practices and administration.
  • Course Highlights

    • Grasp Fundamental AI Principles: Participants will comprehend basic AI concepts, applications, and ethical considerations, applying this knowledge in religious contexts.
    • Operate AI-Enhanced Office Tools: Participants will demonstrate enhanced proficiency in using AI-powered word processors, spreadsheets, and presentation tools.
    • Create Multimedia Content: Participants will be capable of producing high-quality videos and exploring GenAI tools for diverse religious activities.
    • Apply AI Ethically: Participants will develop a critical perspective on AI, ensuring its responsible and ethical use within their religious communities.

    Who Can Attend this Course

    • Priests, Sisters, Brothers, Seminarians,
    • Those who work in Religious Institutions & NGOs

    Course Detail

      Day 1: Introduction to AI and Word Processing
        Session 1-2 : Introduction to AI: Definitions, History, and Applications in Religious Contexts
        Session 3-4 : AI in Word Processing: Using AI-powered Tools for Document Creation and Editing
        Online Session 1-10: Supplementary Materials on AI Basics and Word Processing Exercises
        Project Work: Create a Document Detailing a Religious Event Using AI-powered Word Processor
          Day 2 : Spreadsheet Manipulation, Presentations, and GenAI
            Session 1-2 : Spreadsheet Mastery: Leveraging AI for Data Organization and Analysis
            Session 3-4 : Crafting Presentations: Integrating AI for Effective Religious Communication
            Online Session 11-20: Deep Dive into Spreadsheet Functions and Presentation Techniques
            Project Work: Develop a Financial Report for a Community Project and a Presentation on a Religious Topic
              Day 3: Video Making and Ethical AI Usage
                Session 1-2 : Video Making: Utilizing AI Tools for Video Creation and Editing
                Session 3-4 : Ethical AI: Understanding the Responsibilities and Ethical Considerations
                Online Session 21-40: Extended Learning on Video Production and AI Ethics
                Project Work: Produce a Short Video on a Religious Message and Draft a Guide on Ethical AI Usage

                Course Schedule
                  Contact Hours (Friday to Sunday, once in a month) : 20 Hrs
                  Online Access and Project Work : 40 Hrs

                Course Fee

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